Light where you need it, when you need it

World's First Patented Flip Top LED Light for a variety of personal, medical, and recreational needs.

Have you ever worried about over or under-medicating while dispensing medicine in the middle of the night? Ever fumbled in the dark camping while trying to cook, causing condiments and spices to ruin your food? Ever wish you had a light at arm’s length to find your keys after jogging at night, such as on the lid of your favorite water bottle?

Our patented Flip-Light LED-lit lids are the simple solution, shining a bright LED light on inconvenient and sometimes dangerous low-light situations.  Flip-Light lids house a hidden LED light that is activated when the lid is flipped open, instantly placing light where you need it most.

The patented Flip-Light technology allows for a broad array of helpful implementations such as use in the Flip-MedicineLight, Flip-CampLight, Flip-WaterLight, LubeLight (available in our online store at, and much more!