Light where you need it, when you need it

About Us

Flip-Lights, LLC offers the world’s first and only LED-lit lids for personal dispensers and accessories on the market. Our patented Flip-Light LED lids are the simple solution, shining bright LED light on inconvenient and sometimes dangerous low-light situations. Flip-Light lids house a hidden LED light that is activated when the lid is flipped open, instantly shining light where you need it most. The patented Flip-Light technology can enhance a broad array of current products on the market by adding an LED light in the lid.

Flip-Lights, LLC was founded in 2014, with the idea of enhancing current products on the market by putting LED lights in the lid, to assist with use in low-light situations. In 2017, Flip-Lights was granted a US Utility Patent and Canadian Utility Patent for “tube/bottle tops having an integrated cap light for dispensing portions onto a target area”. Later in 2017, Flip-Lights was granted a US Trademark on the name “Flip-Lights”, further distinguishing and identifying the brand.

In 2017, Flip-Lights manufactured and marketed its first product, LubeLight. LubeLight is an aftermarket personal lubrication bottle with an LED light built into the lid for dispensing in low-light situations. LubeLight was an instant hit at industry tradeshows and nominated for 2 coveted adult industry 2019 X-Biz awards and a 2019 AVN award.